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About Us

Programs After School is an art and science enrichment academy. We are very different from the common-or-garden kids art and science classes!

We are not an “Arts and Crafts” company.

So what do we do?
Our classes are innovative not repetitive and dull, strongly academic with our unique hybrid of Montessori and Waldorf methods surrounding the learning of the art masters, drawing and painting techniques, and most importantly our classes are pure fun.
We are NASA/JPL certified STEM educators (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) but we also add the missing component: “A” (Art)
Art is the expression of the imagination; the creative and innovative vision which turns STEM into STEAM !

“After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well” Albert Einstein (Durham Morning Herald, 1955)

Have you ever seen a proposed NASA mission without an artist’s rendition?
We require the visual arts to conceptualize and innovate in the sciences. Design in the applied arts and design in engineering rely on the problem solving and creativity that are inherent in the visual arts.

The children attending our classes often find themselves learning “by mistake”. We actively engage and connect with the children in their classes, providing a fun and stimulating experience from beginning to end.

The comment we hear from parents most often is: “Did my child really paint that?” You will be amazed at how the visual arts exploit the fine motor skills and critical thinking. This does wonders for your child’s confidence and pure enjoyment!
This learning sticks. Just ask your kid what they learned in class.

If you are looking for that uniqueness in the visual art experience you want for your kids, or a fun exploration of science, combined with a fun academic approach, offered by a local company popular with homeschooling associations, local public schooling districts and private schools for decades, fostering academic achievement through art, then please check out this website or call us for information.

For the love of science
We have a strong focus on fostering a lifelong love of science.
In order to compete globally we need to equip and train our youth to think like scientists and to understand their “connectedness” to the physical world. We are well ahead of the public schools in our embrace of the Next Generation Science Standards and we firmly believe that every child should be able to grasp the scientific concepts of the physical world from a very young age (Kindergarten) through hands on learning.
We are NASA certified STEM educators and are very active in the support of science and nature educational programs.
Children gain an academic advantage by learning science-based concepts and pragmatically, their earning potential in STEM careers outperforms all other career choices. We all want our children to be successful; consequently we need to build a solid learning foundation with them when they are very young and they need to be inspired to fall in love with the endless journey of learning. There is a short window of opportunity and making informed decisions about the science-based enrichment of our children is extremely important for their future.

Established in 2008, we are experienced and have been teaching for 25 years. We opened our doors in California in October 2009 and are now exclusively online.