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Acceptance of these terms and conditions is a requirement for enrollment of a student in any of our classes (directly with us, and indirectly through schools, community centers, parent teacher associations, other enrichment companies where we are sub-contractors).
“Parents” implies parent, family member, guardian and authorized caregiver.

A signed Hold Harmless and Student Rules are required at the start of each session. The Hold Harmless agreement is not required if you registered through a City, Community Center or School site where you already completed a Waiver.

For online enrollment directly with us, the Hold Harmless and Student Rules acceptance is included when checking out.
There may be occassions where we require the Hold Harmless for community centers and other after school enrollments. This may be in addition to those center requirements and you will be notified up front of these requirements.

A parent may not agree or sign “in loco parentis” (acting as the parent) on behalf of another parent. Hold Harmless agreements are not transferable.

Parents are not permitted in the classroom area.
Please observe this very important rule as it is a requirement per our insurance as well as per CA state legal requirements regarding background checks and child abuse reporting
Movie theater courtesy applies: Cell phone sounds off, no cell phone conversations or loud conversations please!
No noisy siblings in the classroom or waiting areas please
Children are very sensitive to anxiety. Please allow your children to enter our classes as relaxed as possible.
You are “on call” during any class. If we call, please answer your phone immediately, it will be important!
You may not interrupt a teacher while a class is in session. Their job is to give the class 100% attention.
We have a zero tolerance policy for adult misconduct as we are obligated to protect children
You are not permitted to use inappropriate language or negative speech in any facility in which we teach.
You may not interact negatively with any of the other parents or children (including speech, gesture or physically)
One warning will be given to a parent for breaking any of our rules and regretfully, we reserve the right to dismiss the parent and the child from classes after that warning. Please see our refund policy for restrictions
No pets (except service dogs) are permitted into a facility in which we teach.

Parents/ guardians / caregivers are required to identify themselves to our instructors for drop off and after dismissal from each class. Instructors may ask for a legal form of identification. Please complete the authorized caregiver consent if this is required. We will not release children to unauthorized individuals.

We are not a daycare provider. Consequently, we urge you to be punctual with pickups.
If you are going to be 5 minutes late, please call us: (805) 404-8240
On campus:
5 minutes after class is over, your child will be taken to the school office.
If the facility office is closed, we still need to pay our instructors!

At all facilities where we teach:
You will be assessed $15 for each subsequent 15 minutes of instructor supervision.
Cash or check is required at the time of late pick up.
Consistently late pickups really impacts our instructors and may result in removal from the class without refund.

No credit is provided if the student is not present for class but please call us or email us to let us know that your child will not be attending the class.

If a student is sick, please contact us and do not bring them to class.
Students who exhibit signs of sickness (fever, runny noses, etc. ) will not be allowed to attend our classes.

Unclaimed items are donated or recycled within two weeks after a session ends.

We reserve the right to change an instructor at any time
We reserve the right to close a class at any time.

Registration fee is non-refundable.
There is no refund after attendance in the second class of a session.
There is no refund if a student (or parent/caregiver) has been dismissed from our class for breaking the parent and/or student rules.
There is no refund if a student has been dismissed from our class for consistently late pickups.
Acceptance of a refund may result in our refusal of service in the future, at our sole discretion.
Refunds may take 14 to 21 days to process from the date of notification.

Product sales are final. No returns are accepted.

Full payment must be received in advance.
We accept checks at our teaching locations
Cash may be required for specific lab or materials fees
$25 will be assessed for NSF (non sufficient funds) checks.

There may be reasons why students have attended one class without payment or paymetn of materials/ lab fees.
Students may not attend our classes if full payment has not been received after attendance in the first class of a session.
Full payment for assessed late pickup fees must be received within 5 days of notification with additional $10 fee that is waived if the fee is paid in 5 days from notification.
Parents/guardians will be invoiced for the prorated classes attended with an additional non-payment fee of $10 (waived if paid in 5 days from notification).
After 30 days of non-payment, a late fee of $20 per month will be assessed. Delinquent accounts will be sent to a collection agency and parents/guardians are responsible for all attorney fees and costs.

We reserve the right to change our Terms, Policies, Rules, Restrictions and our Prices at any time without notice.

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Right to Refuse Service
Programs After School reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason not prohibited by law.
We reserve the right to remove anyone from a classroom for any reason not prohibited by law.

Customers may be refused service if for any reason they are not in good standing with Programs After School.